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Chronos 10: The 10th International Conference on Time. Aspect, Modality and Evidentiality – April 2011

Aston University (UK).

Title: “Moving from Explicit to Implicit Devices in the Expression of Simultaneity in Narrative Discourse: An Enduring Challenge for the English L2 Advanced Learner”

7th International Conference on Language Acquisition (AEAL) – September 2013

Bilbao (Spain)

Title: “Tense-Aspect Morphology in the Expression of Simultaneity by Advanced Learners of English as a Foreign Language”

cahier sens publicVraciu, Eleonora A. “L’emploi de la morphologie temporo-aspectuelle en anglais par des apprenants francophones”. Les Cahiers Sens Public 13-14 (2010) : 193-209.

Language, Interaction and AcquisitionVraciu, A. “Exploring the upper limits of the Aspect Hypothesis: Tense-aspect morphology in the advanced English L2 variety”. Language, Interaction and Acquisition 4(2) (2013): 255-289.

inpressVraciu, A. (in press) “Encoding Complex Events in Advanced English L2 Productions: the Role of Aspect in the Expression of Simultaneity”. Cahiers Chronos 27.