Research supervision

I supervise research dissertations on topics related to the characteristics of learner language as well as the psycholinguistic mechanisms that shape English L2 oral and written production. I am also interested in supervising in-service teachers who want to carry out action research in their classroom with a view to improving the effectiveness of their teaching or who simply wish to try out new methodologies.

PhD dissertation supervision

Vladislava Pavlova (in progress). Word Associations in English L2 by Russian and Catalan Learners.

M.A. dissertation supervision

Yasmina Almató (2018). Introducing World Englishes and English as a Lingua Franca into the Expanding Circle Context.

Nerea Ramós (2018). Using Peer Feedback to Imporve EFL Writing Skills in Secondary School.

Marta Martin (2018). How Can Task-based Learning and Teaching Help in the EFL Class in Secondary Education?

Laura Ceña (2018). Integrating a Focus on Form in CLIL in Secondary Education.

Olesya Pavlova Pavlova (2017). Oral Tasks in the EFL High School Class: a Solution to Code-Switching and L1 Use.

Esther Cabezos Ramírez (2017). Effects of Cooperative Group Work on EFL Achievement and Learners’ Attitudes towards Cooperative Learning.

Sheila Orrit Lupiañez (2017). Using Cooperative Learning in the EFL Class to Foster the Development of Writing Skills

Izaskun Fernández de Arroyabe González (2015). The Expression of Motion in English by Basque L1 Speakers.

Marisol Torrent Bagur (2015). Effects of foreign language anxiety and self-esteem on oral fluency: The case of young Catalan/Spanish bilinguals learning English as a foreign language.

Patricia Sánchez (2014). Child L2 English Tense-Aspect Forms in Oral Narratives

Diya Liu (2013). The Influence of Vocabulary Size and Listening Strategy Use on the Listening Comprehension Ability of Chinese Learners of English L2.