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RIPL Network

university of essex

The RiPL Network project aims to better understand the nature of second language (L2) knowledge, what impacts on it and how it develops over time. The team of researchers involved in it want to know more about how we learn second languages and how this differs from the way we learn our native language, and  how we can learn and teach foreign languages more effectively.

More specifically: 

  • Does being multilingual impede or facilitate the language learning process?
  • What role do individual differences play in this process?
  • Do children with English as an Additional Language (EAL), monolingual learners and teachers draw on the multilingual expertise in the classroom, and if so, how?
  • What do children with EAL, their classmates and teachers think about foreign language learning?


INTERLICA is a research team based at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid who explores the challenges of implementing English-medium instruction in tertiary education. They provide some very interesting resources for faculty and trainers and a list of publications of the team members.

XXXIII Congreso Internacional AESLA, Madrid 2015


From 16th to 18th April, 2015 I will be in Madrid attending the annual conference of the Asociación española de lingüística aplicada.

The paper I am presenting together with my colleague Dr. Pladevall looks at patterns of L1 use in the oral production of young learners with CLIL and EFL instruction.

If you are interested in who else is going to present at the congress, you can have a look at the full conference programme:

International Conference on Child Foreign Language

VitoriaOn October 17th I will be in Vitoria Gasteiz (Spain) presenting some of the results from a longitudinal study carried out by the CLILSLA research group at the UAB. Together with my colleague Dr. Pladevall, we will be looking at the role of L1 use in scaffolding oral production tasks in English L2.

If you are interested in who else is going to present at the congress, you can have a look at the full conference programme and the book of abstracts available on the conference website:

Hope to see you in Vitoria!

HEPCLIL – Higher Education Perspectives on Content Language Integrated Learning


I had the opportunity to present my lecturer training workshop at HEPCLIL in Vic at the end of March 2014. The conference was a meeting place for EMI trainers, institutional managers and linguists. If you are interested in what I presented, you can have a look at the PowerPoint: My presentation HEPCLIL.

If you want to read any of the congress presentations you can check the congress proceedings HEPCLIL Congress (my own contribution is on page 97).

This is the conference website: HEPCLIL


If you are interested in English for Academic Purposes, you might want to check out the MICASE corpus.This is a useful database of lectures recorded at the University of Michigan, ranging in format from colloquia to student presentations, and involving both native and foreign speakers of English. Transcripts are downloadable and the search engine allows for triangulation of criteria. Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English.

Presentació del blog “Assignatures en anglès a la universitat”

Si busqueu informació de base sobre CLIL i EMI us convido a visitar aquest recurs documental que vaig elaborar fa uns anys: Assignatures en anglès a la universitat. És un punt de partida per a començar a orientar-vos en l’univers de l’ensenyament d’assignatures no lingüístiques en anglès a la universitat.

El següent video correspon a la presentació que vaig fer d’aquest recurs en el context del Servei de Llengües de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona davant d’un grup de formadors d’anglès.

My linguistic biography

This is my linguistic biography recorded as part of a multilingualism project at the Servei de Llengües, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. It is the story of how I learnt the different languages that I speak and I tell it in Romanian, my mother tongue.